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OpalAi won Bruin Tank 2023 and got accepted to the UC Launch Accelerator!

Congratulations to team OpalAi for winning Bruin Tank 2023 and being accepted to the UC Launch Accelerator!

We are glad to announce that team UCLA won the highly-competitive Bruin Tank competition!

Bruin Tank is a pitch competition for start-ups that takes place annually at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The competition provides a platform for student entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and potentially receive funding and mentorship.

The competition is open to current UCLA students from any academic discipline, and applicants are required to submit a business plan and a pitch deck for their start-up idea. The submissions are then reviewed by a panel of judges, which includes investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Selected finalists are invited to pitch their ideas in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. The judges evaluate the pitches based on criteria such as the viability of the business idea, the strength of the team, and the potential for growth and impact.

The winners of the competition receive cash prizes and access to mentorship and resources to help them develop their start-ups. The competition also provides valuable networking opportunities for student entrepreneurs to connect with investors, industry professionals, and other start-up founders.

The Bruin Tank competition is an exciting opportunity for UCLA students to gain experience in entrepreneurship and to launch their own ventures. It also serves as a platform for innovation and fosters a culture of entrepreneurship at UCLA.

Last week OpalAi was also selected to be a part of the UC Launch, a startup accelerator program that supports early-stage ventures founded by students, alumni, faculty, and staff from the University of California (UC) system. The program is run by the University of California Office of the President and offers mentorship, funding, and resources to help startups grow and succeed.

The accelerator program is designed to help UC-affiliated startups with the validation of their business idea, market research, customer discovery, fundraising, and product development. The program offers a 10-week intensive program, during which participants receive mentorship and resources to help them accelerate their business.

Participants in the UC Launch accelerator program receive a $5,000 grant, and they also have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to investors and industry experts during a demo day event at the end of the program. In addition to funding and mentorship, participants receive access to UC’s vast network of alumni, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs.

The UC Launch accelerator program is highly competitive, and only a select number of startups are accepted each year. The program is an excellent opportunity for UC-affiliated startups to receive funding, mentorship, and resources to help them accelerate their business and achieve their goals.

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