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Big News! OpalAI launches Indoor Positioning and Navigation Solution

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, indoor navigation has emerged as a crucial tool for enhancing the navigational experiences within complex indoor spaces. At OpalAI, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation in this domain — our new indoor navigation solution designed for clients across industries. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our solution aims to redefine how businesses and their customers interact with indoor environments, making navigation more intuitive, efficient, and seamless.

As we delve into the specifics of this groundbreaking offering, let’s explore how OpalAI is setting new benchmarks in indoor positioning and navigation, and why this matters to establishments across various industries.

What is Indoor Positioning and Navigation?

Indoor positioning and navigation technologies are essential in making indoor spaces accessible and navigable, much like GPS does outdoors. These technologies, including OpalAI's cutting-edge solutions, enable accurate location determination and navigation within buildings. Indoor navigation systems provide users with the spatial context of a venue and intuitive directions, leveraging digital and interactive displays. This includes mobile, tablet, web, or directory devices, where users can select or search for any point of interest on a 3D digital map to receive turn-by-turn directions​​.

Key Clients and Use Cases

  • Educational Campuses: Students can save time by planning their trips to classes more efficiently, enhancing their educational experience.

  • Healthcare Facilities: Visitors can easily locate the room of a patient they are visiting, reducing stress and improving hospital navigation.

  • Stadiums and Event Venues: Fans can find their seats easily, improving their event experience.

  • Theme Parks: Guests can navigate complex layouts to find attractions quicker, maximizing their enjoyment.

  • Retail Malls: Shoppers can find stores or specific products effortlessly, enhancing their shopping experience​​.

OpalAI’s Solution

OpalAI introduces two innovative indoor navigation solutions:

  • Web or Mobile App: Our application simplifies indoor navigation through steps like searching for an indoor destination, mapping a route, and navigating using AR. This immersive approach enhances the user experience by overlaying digital information, such as directions, onto the real world, creating a seamless navigation process​​.

  • Integration with Google and Apple Maps: Leveraging wifi-based navigation, we offer the convenience of finding your position and navigating within familiar platforms like Google Maps and Apple Maps. This approach uses technologies such as geomagnetic positioning, offering users a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation without the need for additional downloads or applications​​.

How We Do It

  • Digital Twin Creation: We transform physical spaces into digital twins and maps, employing AI for reality capture and 3D CAD/BIM creation, streamlining the process of digital twin generation.

  • Positioning Technologies: Depending on client preferences, we utilize either AR/VR-based positioning for bespoke web/phone apps — focusing on indoor navigation, route optimization, and AR/VR guidance — or wifi-based navigation for integration with Google/Apple Maps, ensuring accurate indoor location services without extensive hardware​​​​.

The Strategic Advantage of Choosing OpalAI

OpalAI offers a distinctive advantage by utilizing AR/VR and wifi-based navigation technologies. Our solutions are not only innovative but also cost-effective compared to traditional indoor positioning technologies that require extensive hardware installations, such as beacons. The flexibility and scalability of AR/VR-based solutions, coupled with the cost-efficiency of leveraging existing wifi infrastructure, position OpalAI as a superior choice. We overcome common challenges like the high cost of hardware and maintenance, providing a seamless and immersive navigation experience without the significant investment required by other technologies.

At OpalAI, we're not just about creating cutting-edge technology; we're about forging partnerships that transform spaces and enhance user experiences. If your establishment is ready to step into the future of indoor navigation, we invite you to reach out. Discover how our innovative solutions can be tailored to meet your unique needs and elevate your space.

Interested? Contact us today to request a demo at

P.S.  Stay tuned for even more exciting features coming soon!

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