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Create a floor plan with a simple walkthrough.
Our AI does the rest.

OpalAi ScanTo3D,

That's all you need to get a free and accurate floor plan.

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How It Works

5 steps ONLY to get your floor plan.


Take a Scan

  • Scan with any device with a LiDAR camera;

  • NO limit on the property size


Add Texture

  • Add texture and colors directly in the App

  • Get a digital twin of your place!




  • Upload your scan to get a 2D/3D FloorPlan

  • ANSI complaint GLA calculations

That's it!

Sit back and relax!

Your models will be done in 1-2 business days!


Edit & Measure

  • Take measurements on your device

  • Extend and continue with your scan



  • In multiple formats

  • OBJ, GLTF, GLB, STL, FBX, ...



We offer multiple pricing plans to suit your needs.

2D Floorplan

Under 3,000 sq.ft

Interior Scan, PDF


Get your first 2D floorplan for FREE!


Appraisal Report + GLA

Under 3,000 sq.ft

Interior Scan, PDF


AutoCAD, Revit

Rhino, SketchUp

Any Size and Output format

of your choice

$0.01 - 0.09/sq.ft

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Want other formats? Got larger scans?


Check out the wonderful projects, all done by the ScanTo3D App.

Why OpalAi?

Accurate, Fast and Accessible

Model with Confidence

The machine learning and AI-enabled algorithm is foundation for accurate floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations.

The error is less than 1 inch per 30 feet.


Capture a room, an entire building, structure, or other large environment in minutes.

All you need is a simple walkthrough.


Moe robust & accurate


You don't need a tripod or a trained operator.

The ScanTo3D drastically reduces the time needed to plan and scan on-site. 


More than 150,000 sq ft. in two hours


Reduce the cost of equipment and personnel


Questions not listed in the FAQ?


Tutorial Slides -- Get Started with ScanTo3D App

ScanTo3D Tutorial Video

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