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Create Floor Plans Instantly
with Your Phone

The fastest solution for commercial and residential spaces to generate floor plans in AutoCAD, Revit, BIM or any format of your choice.

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Our cutting-edge technology is proven and backed by the National Science Foundation and top national universities

Used by Professionals All Around the World

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Product & Solutions

Three Steps Only, with the Scanto3D App:

Scan, Texture, Upload

  1. Take a scan with your iPhone or iPad.

  2. View, edit and texture your scan directly in the Scanto3D App.

  3. Upload the project. 

That's it.






  • We have successfully performed project scans of up 100,000 sq ft. in just 1 hour.

  • Large spaces can be captured via 1 scan or multiple scans that get assembled together.

Spaces of ANY Size

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Your Choice of the Output Format

  • We can provide outputs in 3D CAD & BIM models, Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, PDF, 2020 Design models;

  • Textured and colored, with or without your logo.

ANSI Z765 Support

  • We deliver consistent GLA results that align with ANSI® Z765.

  • The best solution for Appraisals!

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  • Create 3D scans instantly on your phone. Get floor plans in just 10 minutes.

  • New features available with iOS 16.

10-Minute Turnaround Time


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Our Work

Check out the wonderful projects, all done by the ScanTo3D App.

About Us

Our Story

 OpalAi lets anyone with a phone create a floorplan/BIM with a simple walkthrough. Our AI does the rest.

  • No tape measure, no note pads, and no moving any furniture.

  • Automatically declutters a fully furnished house and delivers a complete floor plan in minutes.

  • Within the accuracy of a fraction of an inch.

Our Mission

Our business goal is to market and sell superior-performance, time-saving, and value-creating AI-powered services that will enable the rapid generation of precise building floor plans.