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ScanTo3D App Tutorials

Professional scanning tips and best practices with OpalAi ScanTo3D.

Scanning Tips-1

Scanning Tips and Best Practices with OpalAi ScanTo3D -- 

That's how you get a 3D scan with excellent quality!

Best Practices with The New Room Mode:

Scan like a PRO!

House Scanning Tips and Tricks -- 

Some insider tips from Mike Jarrell, an experienced appraiser

Tutorial Slides:

Get Started with OpalAi ScanTo3D iOS App

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Download & Sign up
Scan & View
Texure and Measure
Export and Upload

Short Tutorial Clips

Become an expert in 3D scanning in just a minute.

How to download and install the app from App Store

How to take a high-quality 3D scan

with OpalAi ScanTo3D

How to add textures and colors

to your 3D scans

How to share or export your 3D scan in multiple formats

Account Management:

How to log in and log out

How to view the 3D scan

directly on your device

How to take measurements of the digital twin directly on your device

Upload your 3D scans 

to get 2D&3D floorplans

Questions not listed in the FAQ?

  • How long will it take to get my floorplan?
    It usually takes 1-2 business day(s) for us to process your scan. You will get an email if the scan is successfully uploaded. We will work on your scan as soon as we confirm your payment.
  • The ScanTo3D App does not work on my device.
    At this moment, the App is only available on devices with 3D LiDAR scanner. Including: iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max, iPad Pro
  • How to take a scan?
    Before taking a scan: Turn on the lights. Open the doors to scan multiple rooms. During the scan: Move your phone to start capturing. Walk around the room; Move your device slowly and steadily. Move up and down to capture the complete ceilings, walls and floors. You can go back and re-scan the space. Try to remove as many red spots as possible Move closer and scan for details; Corners, under the desks and chairs, etc. But don't worry, it's okay if you don't get them all.
  • Why the App crashes sometimes?
    These can be the solutions to the problem: Turn off the "Low Power Mode" while taking a scan. If you have a big scan, try texturing it with the "Fast" mode first. After it's done, do the "HD" texture again. If the App is still crashing, please contact us: A team member will reach out ASAP!


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