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Win More Projects
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with OpalAi 

  • The fastest autonomous floor plan creation solution for commercial and residential spaces.

  • Generate customized floor plans in AutoCAD, Revit, BIM or any format of your choice.

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Solutions for Construction & Remodeling

  • Spaces of ANY size

  • Capture in 1 scan our multiple scans

  • Fully customizable -- colors, textures, logos

  • Any format of your choice -- 2D/3D CAD, BIM, Revit, Sketchup, etc.

  • Fixed furniture, windows, doorways

  • Interior and exterior measurements



Want other formats? Got larger scans?

We offer multiple pricing plans for different output formats.

For Real Estates

For Appraisals

For Constructions

​and Remodeling

Any size

AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, DFX, FBX

$0.01- $0.09/ sq.ft 


Check out the wonderful projects, all done by the ScanTo3D App.

How to Use The App

Take a Scan

  • Scan with any device with a LiDAR camera;

  • NO limit on the property size


Take a Scan

  • Scan with any device with a LiDAR camera;

  • NO limit on the property size


Add Texture

  • Add texture and colors directly in the App

  • Get a digital twin of your place!



  • Upload your scan to get a 2D/3D FloorPlan

  • ANSI complaint GLA calculations


ScanTo3D is hands down the best floor plan app for appraisers. It's incredibly easy to scan (just like taking a video) and the results are amazing! Much better GLA accuracy and ANSI compliance than that other floor plan app.

Mike J.

Principal at JB Real Estate Valuation & Advisory, LLC

ScanTo3D by OpalAi enables our team to LiDAR scan client facilities with our own iOS devices and receive quality scaled floor plans in days. We’ve used ScanTo3D on buildings ranging from 50,000-sf to over 200,000-sf with amazing results. Historically while onboarding facilities, poor or missing documentation has been a challenge for us, as we had no cost-effective solution to develop scaled floor plans during our planning phase with clients. Since adopting OpalAi, we have a consistent deliverable for every client that improves their experience, ensures our accuracy, and is saving our team many hours of work! 

Matt A.


Creating autonomous floorplans with the help of the ScanTo3D app, within a few minutes with just my mobile device, has cost me no additional money and definitely increased mu sales and success.

Beharam I.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Service | Crest Real Estate

Used by Professionals All Around the World

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