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Revolutionizing Geospatial Technology: OpalAi's Success at Geo Week 2023 in Denver

OpalAi attended the recent Geo Week conference that took place in Denver, February 13-15, 2023. Geo Week is an annual event that brings together professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss and showcase the latest technologies and trends in geospatial technology. In 2023, OpalAi, a leading provider of AI-powered 3D scanning solutions, participated in the event and demonstrated how modern commercially available off-the-shelf mobile devices can revolutionize the way we collect, analyze, and use geospatial data.

At the event, OpalAi showcased their latest product, ScanTo3D app that utilizes cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately transform 3D scans into 3D CAD/BIM models. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, ScanTo3D is the perfect tool for architects, engineers, and designers looking to streamline their workflow and create stunning, high-quality designs.

OpalAi's solution was well-received by the attendees at Geo Week, who were impressed by the platform's speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Many attendees were particularly impressed by the platform's ability to support multi-scan method of capture, which can be especially useful for capturing large spaces. OpalAi can combine multiple stand-alone scans into a single 2D or 3D model.

OpalAi also attended several workshops and was among top 16 carefully selected companies who had the opportunity to present the product at the Pitch the Press event to a group of editors and reporters looking for the most unique new technologies on display at Geo Week. Each exhibitor gave a 2-minute brief to members of the media, followed by a one-minute Q&A.

Overall, OpalAi's participation in Geo Week 2023 was a great success. The event provided great opportunity to showcase their latest products and solutions, connect with other industry leaders and professionals, and share our expertise and knowledge with others in the geospatial technology community. OpalAi's presence at Geo Week underscores their commitment to innovation and their leadership in the field of AI-powered geospatial analysis.

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