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Multi-Room Feature in OpalAI ScanTo3D & Floorplan

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the Multi-Room feature in our OpalAI ScanTo3D & Floorplan app. This breakthrough functionality empowers users to effortlessly create highly accurate 3D CAD models and floorplans of any space within minutes.

After opening the OpalAI ScanTo3D App on your iPhone or iPad Pro,  simply select the new Room mode. Once you begin your scan, you'll immediately notice the "Multi-Room" feature, allowing you to seamlessly scan multiple rooms within a single session. With the simple push of the "Next Room" button, individual scans are automatically stitched together, streamlining the entire process. This feature is only available on iOS 17, so make sure your iOS is 17 or newer version.

Generating large-scale 3D CAD models of buildings has never been quicker or easier, and OpalAI stands as the fastest and most precise solution on the market. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D Deep Learning technology, OpalAI ensures unparalleled accuracy, democratizing access to digital twins and BIM models of spaces.

OpalAI is democratizing access to digital twins and 3d CAD/BIM models of spaces.

After uploading your scans to our cloud servers and making payment using a link that will send to your email, you would be able to download the 3D CAD/BIM and floorplan in different formats including Revit (rvt), AutoCAD (DWG), SketchUp (.skp) as well as many mesh formats such as GLB, GLTB, OBJ, PLY, and DFX. Additionally, our new update allows users to receive IMDF (Indoor Mapping Data Format) which is a dominant format for indoor navigation and maps.

How OpalAI's Multi-Room and Stitching work?

The underlying technology operates similarly to our LiDAR mode, utilizing a cloud-based stitching solution. Users can scan various parts of a building, and our software seamlessly integrates these scans into a cohesive BIM model.

For additional information and updates, please visit our website ( and follow us on LinkedIn. OpalAI is dedicated to bringing technologies from Mars to Earth, and we eagerly looking forward to hearing about your experiences leveraging our AI technologies for your applications.

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